Comic 93 - Split Screen 88

27th Feb 2013, 8:41 AM
Split Screen 88
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Jaymzeecat 27th Feb 2013, 8:41 AM edit delete
Almost a year later? How's that for a time jump? Looks like Jan's up to her old tricks... but it seems like her tastes have changed. I wonder what Jer Bear's been doing all this time...

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Centcomm 27th Feb 2013, 11:28 AM edit delete reply
whoa.. did NOT expect that .. i almost feel sorry for the guy .. slightly.
Jaymzeecat 27th Feb 2013, 12:00 PM edit delete reply
He seems interesting with his awful pickup line. I kinda want to know more about him... maybe I'll write a spin off someday, haha. :)
Centcomm 27th Feb 2013, 12:52 PM edit delete reply
ok point taken - he was NOT expecting it to work :D